~THIS Love~

~Whirl of the World~


cuzz every fling i’m in i’m always the booger!

flying across the room landing wherever!

whether i splat against the wall or fall short of the stall…

regarless i get tossed without a care…

thrown out like Jazzy Jeff along with my feelings in the air!

but it’s astounding how far i can be flung with all this baggage!

these new millennium bitches are too savage!

fucking niggas til they get what they were after!

if life were a book…

these hoes nowadays gotta new nigga in every chapter!

Volume after volume like Britannica!

they’ve developed hard core heavy metal feelings like Metallica!

like vultures they scavengers!

preying on wounded men to take advantage of

now here’s the cycle…

Good Guy meets Bad Girl turns Bad Guy!

now that Bad Guy meets Good Girl

Heaven’s to Mercatroid

could this be pergatory!?

what type of Hell we in!?

living in our skin!

no one wins in this

“Whirl of the World” 🌎