~Drunk in Love~

woke up with an amazing hangover!

nothing to get over

but your Love had me stumble walking & talking with a slur

i knew i felt a lil tipsy

& every time that you were near me

i felt myself getting more & more dizzy

i’m intoxicated by your love

my tolerance can’t go up

you got that potent, uncut, A-1

Sweeter than Rum

you make me feel like i’m floating on a cloud!

& until i hit the ground!

i think i’ll order another round!



ain’t nobody worried about you black man

until you show up with them bands 💵

nobody cares about you & your woes

even your foes are in low demand 📉

get money & watch those who acted funny

come knocking with 2 open hands 🙌🏾

but stay on your path – sit back & laugh

while executing all of your plans! 💪🏾✊🏾


~Advice from Mr. Nnice~

you can do any & everything for a person

give em money 💰
feed em 😋
refer them for jobs 📝
give em rides wherever 🚕

& they accept it all with little to no gratitude 😒

but complain to them once or twice or even mention something they’ve done that you disagree with
& THEY cut YOU off as if THEY’RE the ones doing YOU a favor being all in YOUR pocket!! 😳

shit’s wild! 🙃

my_advice: 🤔

dispose of the #toxic_people in your life
the shit’s liberating! 🤗

~Facebook Demons~

i don’t have any enemies

besides this Legion of demons

attacking me from all sides in my mind… 🤔

or should i say my Social Media Time Line

but the real life choices I make

aren’t like what i say on “the book” cause that Facebook 💩’s fake!

like putting 💕 on a “chicks” picture

doesn’t mean that i’m sticking dick in her! 🤦🏾

i got MAD LOVE for my SISTERS 💪🏾

But these angles are quick to catch a BROTHAS eyes 👀

So i appreciate the MEN who stay @ home with their wives

instead of chasing these hoes & they lies

they chose to have a family

some niggas don’t see that as MANLY

but all some niggas know is NIGGA 💩!

so when a MAN presents

himself as such it’s foreign

so you won’t see those niggas supporting



but buy drugs & will gun ANOTHER NIGGA QUICK!!!

🗣 it’s SICK!!!

so i battle with choices like joining the masses!

but i hear so many voices & some are very demanding!

Pointing me in directions to disaster!!! 💀

i’ve spent my whole life under so many masters

some were called bosses & some were called Pastors

a couple of exgirlfriends – ex-wife &&& baby momma

needless to say i’ve been in some drama! 😒

not to mention dodging prison while out here chasing a comma

but it’s uncommon to see someone who’s got no fonk in the streets

Happy AF


but medicates heavily!

& meditates daily

balancing my energy

but i don’t have any enemies

besides this Legion of demons!

attacking me from all sides of my mind!

or should i say my Social Media Time Line

so i try to stay active like Rich & The Pop!

to keep my foes tired & winded!

#Support_Black_Business is winning!! 💪🏾✊🏾

& i’m teaching my kids independence 💪🏾