~Rona Vision~


it is very challenging to love ignorant people…

especially when they are so quick to argue with you about a subject they know nothing about.

when you have personal experience in the matter or you’ve taken the time to research the information beforehand & study it & meditate on it

when you’ve had conversations with others about it already &/or have seen other people debate about it & point out very crucial points & undeniable facts

then to take the knowledge that you’ve obtained to your loved ones & TRY to actually SHOW them what you’ve learned with cited sources & all

only to watch them reject the knowledge from what i can only describe as “foolish pride”

then be told over & over things like “you think you’re so smart” or “you think you know EVERYTHING” or “you always gotta be right” or “you always wanna argue” etc…

but the truth is i’m simply trying to love!

& one thing i know is that when you love someone you don’t want them to be ignorant! you don’t want them making a fool of themselves in private or in public! i personally want MY PEOPLE to be ahead of the game!

i have a saying i’ve been using MY ENTIRE LIFE…

“you do not have to burn your hand if i’ve already burnt mine!”

& i say that because i LITERALLY burnt my hand on the stove as a kid checking to see if a burner would still be hot immediately AFTER i turn the fire off! IT WAS!! lol

so i chose from there to share any & every experience i have with my loved ones that are debating on going down any of the same roads that i’ve already been on!

the issue seems to be the fact that i’ve been down many many roads!

people WANT to have their own experiences! i get it!! i myself didn’t/don’t listen to EVERY little piece of advice that comes my way! honestly who does!?

but certain things just don’t sit well in my conscience if i don’t @ least try to warn my people about! but of course the choice is always ultimately up to the individual themselves…

but that’s not the issue…

the main issue is the people who get angry!

the people who talk bad!

the ones who turn around & slander your name from being so upset about the help you tried to offer that they rejected.

the ones who found out the hard way that you were in fact RIGHT! & their pride won’t allow them to speak to you anymore!

the ones who are determined to debate with you about any & every thing UNTIL they win an argument to PROVE to THEMSELVES that you are NOT perfect!! & that you DON’T know EVERYTHING!!

they’ve basically transformed themselves into your enemy!

but my intentions are/were to never make someone feel foolish or dumb in any way!

my intentions are/were always to simply INFORM! to share MY knowledge!

but it seems that the world we live in is setup to crucify those who have the knowledge…

so in turn i find myself by myself…

observing the world & it’s ignorance…

fighting thru the sadness of loved ones arguing & fighting over the pettiest things.

hating each other because everyone wants to go their own way & no one wants to hear the potential consequences of the path they’re choosing…

so here i am…



~Facebook Demons~

i don’t have any enemies

besides this Legion of demons

attacking me from all sides in my mind… 🤔

or should i say my Social Media Time Line

but the real life choices I make

aren’t like what i say on “the book” cause that Facebook 💩’s fake!

like putting 💕 on a “chicks” picture

doesn’t mean that i’m sticking dick in her! 🤦🏾

i got MAD LOVE for my SISTERS 💪🏾

But these angles are quick to catch a BROTHAS eyes 👀

So i appreciate the MEN who stay @ home with their wives

instead of chasing these hoes & they lies

they chose to have a family

some niggas don’t see that as MANLY

but all some niggas know is NIGGA 💩!

so when a MAN presents

himself as such it’s foreign

so you won’t see those niggas supporting



but buy drugs & will gun ANOTHER NIGGA QUICK!!!

🗣 it’s SICK!!!

so i battle with choices like joining the masses!

but i hear so many voices & some are very demanding!

Pointing me in directions to disaster!!! 💀

i’ve spent my whole life under so many masters

some were called bosses & some were called Pastors

a couple of exgirlfriends – ex-wife &&& baby momma

needless to say i’ve been in some drama! 😒

not to mention dodging prison while out here chasing a comma

but it’s uncommon to see someone who’s got no fonk in the streets

Happy AF


but medicates heavily!

& meditates daily

balancing my energy

but i don’t have any enemies

besides this Legion of demons!

attacking me from all sides of my mind!

or should i say my Social Media Time Line

so i try to stay active like Rich & The Pop!

to keep my foes tired & winded!

#Support_Black_Business is winning!! 💪🏾✊🏾

& i’m teaching my kids independence 💪🏾


~Whirl of the World~


cuzz every fling i’m in i’m always the booger!

flying across the room landing wherever!

whether i splat against the wall or fall short of the stall…

regarless i get tossed without a care…

thrown out like Jazzy Jeff along with my feelings in the air!

but it’s astounding how far i can be flung with all this baggage!

these new millennium bitches are too savage!

fucking niggas til they get what they were after!

if life were a book…

these hoes nowadays gotta new nigga in every chapter!

Volume after volume like Britannica!

they’ve developed hard core heavy metal feelings like Metallica!

like vultures they scavengers!

preying on wounded men to take advantage of

now here’s the cycle…

Good Guy meets Bad Girl turns Bad Guy!

now that Bad Guy meets Good Girl

Heaven’s to Mercatroid

could this be pergatory!?

what type of Hell we in!?

living in our skin!

no one wins in this

“Whirl of the World” 🌎



you are who you are

& i am who i am…

but who i am…

is in love…

with who you are! 😍

close like fam

but always wanted to be more!

pics on the Gram

kept your beauty in my vision

so close

& yet

so far …

so i start wishin…

& who’da pictured us livin

This DREAM!!? 😴

but REALITY is a real DREAM KILLER!!

..waking up to the real picture …

alone @ home & holmes is next door arguing loud on his phone!

mold on the bread!

behind on the rent…

stress level on red!

anxiety attack IMMINENT!

nuff said

time to roll up a gram of street meds

Self induced coma i’m going back to bed!


~Soul Ties~

I saw a girl who was SO FINE!!

& I was too shy to say hi

so i just smiled & 🎵walked on by!”🎵

but i…

believe that what is meant to be will surely be

so if i see this girl ONE MORE TIME!!

i’ll take the proper steps & step to her like a man!

but if she has a man who steps to me as a man…

then i’ll play it cool & like a G hope to be a potential side piece @ LEAST!!

be there to lend an ear & listen to her complaints!

trying to convince her that i’m everything he ain’t!

til the day comes when she’s fed up with all the long nights & her head hurts from the long cries…

so in her mind she finds it best to wipe the tears from her eyes

pulling up on me asking for my side piece advice!

& i tell her what she wants to hear cause all that i have in mind


creating Soul Ties!


~Poor Credit – Bad References~

when do you expect to win?

you change directions like the wind

far from ignorant

but living in sin

starved for attention

& never content

less than par performance

on assignments…

spirit & flesh

in need of an alignment

under distress

but to much pride to admit

let’s check the list:

poor credit ✔

bad references ✔


~My Libra Mind~





maybe we can?

wait! I recant…

is fate in destiny’s hands?

my mistakes are what makes me the man that i am!

i safely execute all of my plans

but still I am left with my face in my hands

confused by abuse…

why do i choose…

my heart is so bruised…

who wins when i lose?

my tools are rusty i need to renew!

but no one will trade me – my offers refused.

so i lay here – thinking…



insane in the brain

save me I’m sinking!

a slave to the pain

I’m like Dorian Gray

my painting contains all my hideous ways!

i hide but no one bothers to seek…

my future is seeming to be more & more bleak

I’m weak… (hashtag) #weak!

so I’m laying here thinking.

maybe i should be doing more praying than wishing!?

because everyone has enough space for a grave…

but not everyone will be saved… 😒

the wild run free but some will be tamed

the wise know that life is more than a game

my mind flies faster than time!

when the clock reads 6 it only seems to rewind?

is infinity as long as eternity?

I’m just laying here thinking, wondering, hopefully 🤔



Our minds

are so desensitized

we barely cry

half the time

somebody dies

we just sigh…

then hit the clock on the job

so we don’t get fried!

I mean fired!

it takes 30 years to retire

I admire

those who do it,

but in the end is it worth it

if you’re too tired!?

(to enjoy it)

slavery has many forms!

since we were born

we were made for much more…

than picking cotton

or clocking in

to a 9-5


(hashtag) #desensitized

(hashtag) #zombified

(hashtag) #God

promised to free us & He hasn’t lied to us yet!

The Messiah Yahashua laid down His life for our debt

we owe Him way more respect

His yoke is light

He can loosen the noose on our necks

why do we fight?

(with ourselves)

we are our own worst enemies

our worst enemy made sure of that!

divide & conquer our cerebellum

attacking fellas women & kids

cause home is where the heart is!

but our hearts follow our $ so…

where we invest

scratch that – side note: we are what we eat

fat back – chitterlings & grease

that’s a black mans feast 🤢

that’s how diabetes

became the black mans disease

we have a strong internal desire to feed the needy

but we’re to broke from diet eating.


dead men don’t read – the flock is blind!

we need to recondition our minds

from being



i plead immunity!!

there is not enough unity in the community

the media has ruined things

between you & me

fooling me into subconscious coonery

by conditioning my views to be…

complimentary to popular beliefs

cutting trees

hanging wreathes


celebration for the goons who the ancestors before me

we’re murdered by…

creating an average guy

scared to try

moving under the radar

to avoid them prison bars

to scared to reach for the stars

content with being under par

never really getting too far

from not knowing who we are

emotionally damaged so always on guard

soft on the inside but the outside is hard