~THIS Love~


there was a space in between us & God…

we’re blessed with grace

but grace only lasts for a limited time

so we should seek His face until the day that we die!

& give Him the praise because He is The Most High!



ain’t nobody worried about you black man

until you show up with them bands 💵

nobody cares about you & your woes

even your foes are in low demand 📉

get money & watch those who acted funny

come knocking with 2 open hands 🙌🏾

but stay on your path – sit back & laugh

while executing all of your plans! 💪🏾✊🏾


~Facebook Demons~

i don’t have any enemies

besides this Legion of demons

attacking me from all sides in my mind… 🤔

or should i say my Social Media Time Line

but the real life choices I make

aren’t like what i say on “the book” cause that Facebook 💩’s fake!

like putting 💕 on a “chicks” picture

doesn’t mean that i’m sticking dick in her! 🤦🏾

i got MAD LOVE for my SISTERS 💪🏾

But these angles are quick to catch a BROTHAS eyes 👀

So i appreciate the MEN who stay @ home with their wives

instead of chasing these hoes & they lies

they chose to have a family

some niggas don’t see that as MANLY

but all some niggas know is NIGGA 💩!

so when a MAN presents

himself as such it’s foreign

so you won’t see those niggas supporting



but buy drugs & will gun ANOTHER NIGGA QUICK!!!

🗣 it’s SICK!!!

so i battle with choices like joining the masses!

but i hear so many voices & some are very demanding!

Pointing me in directions to disaster!!! 💀

i’ve spent my whole life under so many masters

some were called bosses & some were called Pastors

a couple of exgirlfriends – ex-wife &&& baby momma

needless to say i’ve been in some drama! 😒

not to mention dodging prison while out here chasing a comma

but it’s uncommon to see someone who’s got no fonk in the streets

Happy AF


but medicates heavily!

& meditates daily

balancing my energy

but i don’t have any enemies

besides this Legion of demons!

attacking me from all sides of my mind!

or should i say my Social Media Time Line

so i try to stay active like Rich & The Pop!

to keep my foes tired & winded!

#Support_Black_Business is winning!! 💪🏾✊🏾

& i’m teaching my kids independence 💪🏾


~Poor Credit – Bad References~

when do you expect to win?

you change directions like the wind

far from ignorant

but living in sin

starved for attention

& never content

less than par performance

on assignments…

spirit & flesh

in need of an alignment

under distress

but to much pride to admit

let’s check the list:

poor credit ✔

bad references ✔



Our minds

are so desensitized

we barely cry

half the time

somebody dies

we just sigh…

then hit the clock on the job

so we don’t get fried!

I mean fired!

it takes 30 years to retire

I admire

those who do it,

but in the end is it worth it

if you’re too tired!?

(to enjoy it)

slavery has many forms!

since we were born

we were made for much more…

than picking cotton

or clocking in

to a 9-5


(hashtag) #desensitized

(hashtag) #zombified

(hashtag) #God

promised to free us & He hasn’t lied to us yet!

The Messiah Yahashua laid down His life for our debt

we owe Him way more respect

His yoke is light

He can loosen the noose on our necks

why do we fight?

(with ourselves)

we are our own worst enemies

our worst enemy made sure of that!

divide & conquer our cerebellum

attacking fellas women & kids

cause home is where the heart is!

but our hearts follow our $ so…

where we invest

scratch that – side note: we are what we eat

fat back – chitterlings & grease

that’s a black mans feast 🤢

that’s how diabetes

became the black mans disease

we have a strong internal desire to feed the needy

but we’re to broke from diet eating.


dead men don’t read – the flock is blind!

we need to recondition our minds

from being



Home is where the heart is

don’t be mistaken…

I am a citizen of a kingdom that cannot be shaken!

a child of a King with no limitations

so every chance I get – I’m praising!!!

His name is


glory be to the Most High!!!

sometimes I wonder why He sacrificed His life for mine?

but it was the most amazing sign

of love

that could ever come

to my mind

but if I could rewind

the mistakes in my life

I know I’ll retry

every time

cause I’m a sinner 😔

as soon as I entered

(into this world)

I needed a Messiah

A winner

that can keep me from the fire of

The Son(sun) – The One – The Way – The Truth – The Life

nobody gets to The Father without going thru Christ

& I wanna go!

I wanna know

what’s beyond the sky

because my mind

has visualized

streets made of gold

where we all get along & give high fives

nobody dies

I’m just waiting for the street lights to come on

then I’m headed #home