~Rona Vision~

~Drunk in Love~

woke up with an amazing hangover!

nothing to get over

but your Love had me stumble walking & talking with a slur

i knew i felt a lil tipsy

& every time that you were near me

i felt myself getting more & more dizzy

i’m intoxicated by your love

my tolerance can’t go up

you got that potent, uncut, A-1

Sweeter than Rum

you make me feel like i’m floating on a cloud!

& until i hit the ground!

i think i’ll order another round!



you’re so dope!

much more than chronic

it’s ironic cause you’re my rock!

& why i’m hooked on you like phonics

i’m a junky for your love

you are my drug!

i’m so addicted

i can’t kick it



She is Her!

i mean,

Her is She!

My Chocolate Beauty!

My Melanin Queen!

the Love of my Life!

My Chocolate delight!

I love Her with all of my being!

We blend together like Reese’s!

& I just love Her to pieces!

i mean i really love Her-

She kisses

me with those soft – moist – lips

I love Her most!

but She loves me more!

Marshmallowy love

pouring out of our pores!

& i eat her up but always want S’more

She is Her!

i mean,

Her is She!

My Chocolate Muffin!

& i am a fiend

cause i’m addicted to Her Cocoa lovin!

She is Her

My Hershey!