~Every Step~

EVEN when you make a mistake!

you’re perfect!

with 🎡every little step i take!🎡

i’m searching (for you)

i shop & i cook & i bake cause you’re worth it!

without you a house is not a home it’s just a place with a furnace

maybe it’s furnished but vacant…

i’d sell it to purchase your fragrance

because home is where the heart is

& my love for you is so blatant!

time with you

is as wild as a zoo

what i’m saying is that you’re captivating!

your face is perfect on the body it came with

although you arrived all alone…

once i get you home…

i’ll make sure i’m the one that you came with

call me Neo cause i’m trapped in your Matrix

i’m in Love with the view of you walking away

but once you’re out of my vision i hate it!

your kisses & hugs are contagious

you give me courage

you make me courageous!

i love you with every breath!

i’d live in your socks just to be with you every step!

my life is all right if you’re all that is left!


Author: misterNnice

writer - poet - blogger

2 thoughts on “~Every Step~”

  1. The words from heart bleed though your pen it’s like murder on paper. I’ll always patiently wait.For day the I’ll be Mrs.Nice sounds right.

    Liked by 1 person

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