you are who you are

& i am who i am…

but who i am…

is in love…

with who you are! 😍

close like fam

but always wanted to be more!

pics on the Gram

kept your beauty in my vision

so close

& yet

so far …

so i start wishin…

& who’da pictured us livin

This DREAM!!? 😴

but REALITY is a real DREAM KILLER!!

..waking up to the real picture …

alone @ home & holmes is next door arguing loud on his phone!

mold on the bread!

behind on the rent…

stress level on red!

anxiety attack IMMINENT!

nuff said

time to roll up a gram of street meds

Self induced coma i’m going back to bed!


Author: misterNnice

writer - poet - blogger

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