~Soul Ties~

I saw a girl who was SO FINE!!

& I was too shy to say hi

so i just smiled & 🎵walked on by!”🎵

but i…

believe that what is meant to be will surely be

so if i see this girl ONE MORE TIME!!

i’ll take the proper steps & step to her like a man!

but if she has a man who steps to me as a man…

then i’ll play it cool & like a G hope to be a potential side piece @ LEAST!!

be there to lend an ear & listen to her complaints!

trying to convince her that i’m everything he ain’t!

til the day comes when she’s fed up with all the long nights & her head hurts from the long cries…

so in her mind she finds it best to wipe the tears from her eyes

pulling up on me asking for my side piece advice!

& i tell her what she wants to hear cause all that i have in mind


creating Soul Ties!


Author: misterNnice

writer - poet - blogger

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