~My Libra Mind~





maybe we can?

wait! I recant…

is fate in destiny’s hands?

my mistakes are what makes me the man that i am!

i safely execute all of my plans

but still I am left with my face in my hands

confused by abuse…

why do i choose…

my heart is so bruised…

who wins when i lose?

my tools are rusty i need to renew!

but no one will trade me – my offers refused.

so i lay here – thinking…



insane in the brain

save me I’m sinking!

a slave to the pain

I’m like Dorian Gray

my painting contains all my hideous ways!

i hide but no one bothers to seek…

my future is seeming to be more & more bleak

I’m weak… (hashtag) #weak!

so I’m laying here thinking.

maybe i should be doing more praying than wishing!?

because everyone has enough space for a grave…

but not everyone will be saved… 😒

the wild run free but some will be tamed

the wise know that life is more than a game

my mind flies faster than time!

when the clock reads 6 it only seems to rewind?

is infinity as long as eternity?

I’m just laying here thinking, wondering, hopefully 🤔


Author: misterNnice

writer - poet - blogger

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