Our minds

are so desensitized

we barely cry

half the time

somebody dies

we just sigh…

then hit the clock on the job

so we don’t get fried!

I mean fired!

it takes 30 years to retire

I admire

those who do it,

but in the end is it worth it

if you’re too tired!?

(to enjoy it)

slavery has many forms!

since we were born

we were made for much more…

than picking cotton

or clocking in

to a 9-5


(hashtag) #desensitized

(hashtag) #zombified

(hashtag) #God

promised to free us & He hasn’t lied to us yet!

The Messiah Yahashua laid down His life for our debt

we owe Him way more respect

His yoke is light

He can loosen the noose on our necks

why do we fight?

(with ourselves)

we are our own worst enemies

our worst enemy made sure of that!

divide & conquer our cerebellum

attacking fellas women & kids

cause home is where the heart is!

but our hearts follow our $ so…

where we invest

scratch that – side note: we are what we eat

fat back – chitterlings & grease

that’s a black mans feast 🤢

that’s how diabetes

became the black mans disease

we have a strong internal desire to feed the needy

but we’re to broke from diet eating.


dead men don’t read – the flock is blind!

we need to recondition our minds

from being


Author: misterNnice

writer - poet - blogger

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