Home is where the heart is

don’t be mistaken…

I am a citizen of a kingdom that cannot be shaken!

a child of a King with no limitations

so every chance I get – I’m praising!!!

His name is


glory be to the Most High!!!

sometimes I wonder why He sacrificed His life for mine?

but it was the most amazing sign

of love

that could ever come

to my mind

but if I could rewind

the mistakes in my life

I know I’ll retry

every time

cause I’m a sinner 😔

as soon as I entered

(into this world)

I needed a Messiah

A winner

that can keep me from the fire of

The Son(sun) – The One – The Way – The Truth – The Life

nobody gets to The Father without going thru Christ

& I wanna go!

I wanna know

what’s beyond the sky

because my mind

has visualized

streets made of gold

where we all get along & give high fives

nobody dies

I’m just waiting for the street lights to come on

then I’m headed #home


Author: misterNnice

writer - poet - blogger

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