~Cyber Space Romance~

can a person fall in love by hugs?

better yet…

can a text leave a person so perplexed…

visual drugs causing confusion from

what is & what was…

can an image be so appealing

it traps minds in mental prison

not knowing what’s real &

Ridlan can’t stop the feelin

that tickle or tingling sensation…


is it Tech No Love or

Heck No Lust!!!


is it “hashtag” #US

or “hashtag” #lets_just_fuck?

how do you choose a mate in Cyber Space!?!?

“hashtag” #fate?

status change

from single to taken

claiming to be in a relationship

before the “hashtag” #first_date!

are you MAD BUGGIN B!!

or is it meant to be!?

have we advanced so far past

the chivalrous man

that we’re left to take a chance

@ a Cyber Space Romance!?

will it last?

do your friends support your path?

do you have any??

do you respect their opinion??

has any one of you ever fell victim to

Cyber Pimpin!?!?

i need you to listen

& pay attention to the signs

learn to discern

avoiding certain experiences is what makes us wise

we all float on the internet like Pennywise

you know the place where photoshop turns pennies to dimes!

techno junkies with puddy for minds

conditioned to get the money & get the cuddy! just living to die!

there are “plenty of fish” but who owns a boat? where are the paddles?

it’s a battle & we’re up against the ropes

to broke to cope but we’re too hot to handle

most plan to

fall in love but they


too much Scandal

don’t know how to hand a person their heart so it gets mishandled

1000 miles apart from where you planned too

another million away from MY private get away!

in Cyber Space!!!


Author: misterNnice

writer - poet - blogger

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