~Dream Killer~

asking me to hold back my feelings is like…

taking a fish out of water!

how long can i breathe!?

not long before i jump back in the sea!

of my emotions…

I’m PRETTY SURE i drank a love potion

cause you got me on cloud 9!

i’m from the N9ne!

& you about 9 miles away

i just wanna be on your mind

like you’re on mine!

you stay on my brain like a stain

i’m @ the edge of my seat with everything you say!
i knew my life changed when i changed the way i pray

hoping that all of YOUR days are good days!

i crave your time

you are my favorite thought!

i savor the flavor of you…

i tasted you

thru your attitude!

& you’re JUST ENOUGH

to feed me full!

pity the fool who lost you…

i hope i never end up being dude…

i just wanna walk a mile in your shoes

maybe 2…

anything to sweep you off your feet

& carry you too

you’re so unique

i wanna be a collector of you

collecting your time.

your conversation.

your fragrance.

Flower Bomb

you got me caught in your matrix!

i’m calm…

but when i don’t hear your voice i get anxious!

your mom…

created an amazing creation!

your face is perfect on the body it came with!

dreaming about you is dangerous

because you’re killing every damn dream my brain fixed

to try & think of!

i’m so in love! 😍😍😍



Author: misterNnice

writer - poet - blogger

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