my mind

always finds

its way to you…

after being in a crowded room

i only have memories of

daydreaming of


the things that we do…

lovely ..

Sensual !


thinking to myself 樂

“i can’t wait til she has sex with me!”

i don’t

only need

my eyes

to see! 

my hands 

have their own plans

their own mission &

ways of relieving tension

oil glistening


to your body whisper

the positions

it wishes

to be in

aiming to please &

i am

a marksman!

sharp shooter

str8 shooter

what i say can not be truer

the way i…


thru you…

rivers – lakes – pools..

oceans of KiKi goo

i hold you

cause you’re my boo

looking to

make kissing you

a ritual!

i miss you too! ! !


of me


ALL of you!

the rest of me too!

feeling horrible

thinking of an excuse

to swerve a few

homies i made promises to

JUST to spend one night with you!


but i pity the fool


wouldn’t do the same!

in a crowded room

my mind

always finds

it’s way to



Author: misterNnice

writer - poet - blogger

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