~All I Want~

all i want is…

your time, your mind…

your attention, your kisses…

& for you to hear the sweet lil nothings that i’m whispering

i could love you from a distance

but i want you in my vision! 👀

plus i wanna see you booty buck naked in my kitchen! 😳

whistling your favorite song

while i write on you with my tongue…

all i want is to be on your mind like you’re on mine!!! 🤔

& baby you’re so fine i wanna give you the slow grind!

taking my time…

& i aim to please your body

but that’s just a hobby!

cause all i really want from you is to be happy & for you to love me!

we can skip the freaky

& simply go to the movies!

get a bite to eat, maybe even a drink

or let’s hit a spa with a jacuzzi

i’ll do ANYTHING for you…

but what will you do for me!?

i don’t ask for many things

all i really want is loyalty!

(is that too much to ask!?)


Author: misterNnice

writer - poet - blogger

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