~The Dark Ages~

i made tons of new “friends” when i called myself a christian & was going to church 2 to 3 times a week!

BUT i didn’t realize we weren’t REALLY friends until i went thru theee worst time of my life from my last gma dying in the midst of going through a divorce all while sleeping in my truck for months! not to mention being in & out of the hospital from the stress & depression!

people could only think to call it “church hurt” but it’s much more complicated than that! but when you’re going thru arguably the worst storm you’ve ever faced in life those happy/smiling faces @ “church” don’t quite cover it!

there are scriptures that speak against those who don’t help but always explain how they’re “PRAYING” for you! 😒


Author: misterNnice

writer - poet - blogger

One thought on “~The Dark Ages~”

  1. I know the feeling. I had a lot of friends that turned out not to be. I stood my so many. That couldn’t stand by me in my darkest hour. I did what I had to do at that time for them when I need in their darkest hour.I had to realize my purpose was met.And the light always a little that shines.


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