who brings the BALANCE!?

who sees adversity & learns something about it!?

knocking down challenge after challenge!

who keeps the peace between ya peeps when they be wildin!?

Libra …

who grows like a giraffe neck!?

never disrespects! deserves respect

earns his ✔

& when he burns a bridge its for revenge!

empathetic to a fault! & truly loves his friends!

procrastination created from being overly patient

but very knowledgeable not the one to have debates with

sticks to the basics

never hatin

always lovin

heart as warm as an oven!

treats er’body the same!

sister – momma – brother – cousin!

there when the others wasn’t

but somewhere else when they were

rare breed to know the streets & know The Word!

& know some words

it seems absurd

for a man to not wash his hands before he pees

lil things to make you think!

you’re welcome

Ladies & Gentlemen

Libra season is always in!

we’re the ones who take the heat when humans turn to vent

the human conditioning

commissioned to recondition

the current conditions

& the traditions of men are how we’re livin!

God called us to fix it! & that’s not just Libra – that’s all of us!


Author: misterNnice

writer - poet - blogger

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